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With many years of work experience in The Netherlands and in Curaçao in the private, public and social sector, Bianca Neman, Director of be.advancement truly is a versatile professional.


She has an established track record as a well-rounded Communications specialist, Policy advisor, Project coordinator and Programs manager. During her 19-year trajectory as a public service professional for the government of Curaçao and the former Netherlands Antilles, she worked closely with and within different Ministries, with government-owned corporations and other non- governmental organizations. She lent her expertise in coordinating several large communication projects with great success.


In 2014, Bianca became an entrepreneur by founding be.advancement, a ‘forward-thinking’ company with a focus on communications & consulting. Within the first few months of operations, be.advancement was already contracted to provide customized training, project management services and various communication necessities such as copywriting/editing and translation.


Bianca is a strong believer that by means of effective communication, many conditions for the continuous development of any organization and even a country at large can be achieved. Therefore, Bianca believes that communication must always be correct, complete,
timely and most importantly in a language accessible for the
intended audience. 

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Deva-Dee Siliee is an Ivy League graduate of the prestigious Columbia University in the city of New York, with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in Human Rights. She gained personal and professional experience working in the fields of human and minority rights, migration and non-profit management in service of organizations such as Humanity in Action The Netherlands, Human Rights Foundation and Cross-Cultural Solutions in New York.

After 10 years traveling, studying and working in different countries, Deva-Dee embraced the course of social entrepreneurship and re-established herself in Curaçao to found Curaçao Cares, the first of its kind volunteer and project management organization on Curaçao.

As Co-founder and Director, she has used her excellent interpersonal and communication competences, independent research skills and unique management and leadership experiences to establish and grow the organization and implement several extensive projects and campaigns, including CURA DOET.


With a knack for writing engaging English and Papiamentu texts, she assists be.advancement with many core services including marketing, copywriting/editing and translation.

Bianca Neman


Deva-Dee Siliee Freelancer